The Shed is here to help photographers & artists.
We will nurture, exhibit and sell your artwork.
We do all the boring business stuff whilst you carry on creating.
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About UsWhat is the Shed Photography?

Why are we called The Shed Photography? Most people have or have had a shed at the bottom of their garden. For Chelsea that was exactly where she and now her sister work. Not just a store room for Dad’s old maps or Mum’s pots but also a place of refuge, a personal space you can escape to and be creative in, whether that be through painting, drawing, sculpting, photography, writing or just simply for a quiet moment of reflection. It was in our shed that we came up with the idea to help others show their work through our gallery and sell their work through our shop, connecting with like-minded people and the public at large.

By creating a community of artists and photographers we provide an e-commerce website and platform for individuals to sell their work to a wider audience. Our website acts as an online image bank, an affordable gallery and shop where clients can get in touch with you. We have regular exhibitions of our artists and promote an artist and their work every week - take a look at our Blog here.

The Shed Photography provides a community forum dedicated to talking about things that interest us - photography, exhibitions, art fairs and provide inspiration and support. We are open to comments and questions from non-members, just open a Users account, and any comment will go directly to the artist in question. We also actively support and promote through social media your own events and exhibitions. Share any news you may have with us and we are constantly reaching out to wider communities and looking for opportunities to help our community.

We've met so many talented people who don't have a showcase for their work and don't have time or the confidence to promote or exhibit it. People who take amazing images but wouldn't call themselves photographers or artists, who have no representation, can't afford an e-commerce website of their own, or don't have time for a Blog. We've experienced this, so we came up with the following idea: you have your own page within our website, the shed, and we do it all for you. With our service you can upload anything from photos to illustrations to furniture and jewellery design. You get to create a site within our larger site where you can simply create your own profile, upload portfolios to show potential clients commissioned work or finished pieces with links to your existing website or Blog, Twitter and facebook accounts, if you have them.

The difference between The Shed and other websites is that we are focused on promoting and developing your art and selling it for you.

From the website people find an image they like, we print it in any size (depending on the quality of the image) mount it on aluminium - an elegant, affordable, durable, lightweight way of printing and selling images. Which is now used by established artists from David Hockney to Gerhard Richter. We wrap it and send it, and then at the end of each month we pay you for everything you have sold. You do nothing which allows you to carry on creating!

You retain copyright of all your images at all times.

For example, a standard 120cm X 90cm print would sell to the public for £180 (in the UK) - of that you get £45 (25%). Our yearly fee is £60, so by selling two images, you’ve already made a profit! You can also use our site as a printing service, if you need images for an exhibition or to have in stock. The best part? The more images you print out with our service, the greater discount you get on all images.

The idea is for people to buy from us an original, beautiful image or original piece of artwork. By using our site, we endeavour to put you in contact with potential clients, you will also become part of a constantly growing community of creative and innovative artists, and you have a simple to use online gallery of all your work. Our gallery in Barcelona holds a rotating selection of images in different sizes as well as original artwork and holds exhibitions throughout the year. We also have exhibitions in the UK. We can send your images printed by us worldwide and we are happy to help with original artwork too.

So come have a cup of tea with us in our shed, we look forward to meeting you!

Chelsea and Ben

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